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Residential Air Conditioning / Refrigeration

The LLC has focused its limited resources on providing services to low-income residents of Houston’s communities. Particular emphasis has been placed at addressing gaps in services for adult education and services to the elderly and disabled communities. This program is a twelve (12) week program, the first six weeks constitute the first half of the Bilingual Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Program where the student is going to learn the theory (terms, definitions, technical words, basic calculus, formulas, etc.)


The program design is based on the Bilingual Vocational Model, this means that the technical instruction will be offered in Spanish for the students who do not understand English, and at the same time these students will receive instruction in technical English related to the field of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration. The goal of this program is to empower students who are capable of completing the basic tasks for working in Air Conditioning and Refrigeration in entry-level and who have the ability to communicate in English with customers, their co-workers, and their supervisors. The students are urged to get their own books and hand tools as soon as they are able. The course schedule for the Basic Air Conditioning and Refrigeration course is as follows.

Week Subject

1st General safety rules, Introduction to the mechanical refrigeration system. 2nd Mechanical refrigeration system components. Failure analysis of mechanical Refrigeration systems. Refrigerants, pressure-temperature relationship. 3rd Specific safety rules. Introduction to flaring and silver brazing. Introduction to the Operation of welding equipment. Copper tubing silver brazing. 4th Specific safety rules. Introduction to electron behavior. AC, DC Parallel-series circuits. Wiring, symbols, diagrams. 5th Schematic/Pictorial wiring circuits. Definitions and functions of electrical components. 6th Meters, single phase, three phase motors components review days and final test.


The Latino Learning Center provides this vocational education program in a bilingual setting to accommodate the needs of newly arrived immigrants whose primary language is Spanish. The program’s intense focus on jobsite safety is designed to prevent accidents resulting in death or disability of residential construction workers. Our program also addresses the constant demand by the construction industry for trained workers who possess the basic skills to function effectively in apprentice positions.

Community Benefits

Benefits to our community include both short and long term impact to our economy. Benefits include but not limited to:

a. – Employability of previously untrained workers into the workforce
b. – Higher wage earnings for previously employed workers who had been earning minimum wage
c. – Removal of unemployed persons from welfare rolls
d. – Employment at apprenticeship positions allows opportunity for advancement trade
e. – Increase in spending power of students as they progress in their employment levels.

Family Benefits

Currently 160 students are receiving training in our Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Program per year. Since we initiated the program 12 years ago over 13,000 students have successfully completed the program directly benefiting their families. Ninety-nine percent (99%) of the students are Latinos and the balance comes from diverse communities.

This class teaches the student basic maintenance and troubleshooting skills of residential and commercial air conditioning and refrigeration.

Duration: 12 Weeks Session

Monday – Thursday (9am to 1pm) or
Monday – Thursday (6pm to 10pm)

Students will receive a Certificate upon completion

Fee: $750
1st payment $250
2nd payment $250
3rd payment $250

Call office : 713-223-1391