John Goldberg Apartments for Senior Citizens

114 Eastwood, Houston, Texas 77011

This sixty-five (65) unit elderly housing community was developed by the Latino Learning Center in 2000 in response to the need for affordable housing by low-income elderly being displaced in the East End as property values soared. All unit were occupied within one (1) week and currently there is a one (1) year waiting list. The project was developed with a $3.6 million dollar grant from the U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development and a $236,000 grant from the Federal Home Loan Bank.

Often referred by area residents, as “the Hyatt of the barrio”, the quiet apartment community is the crown jewel of the Latino Learning Center`s community accomplishments. The architectural design reflects the cultural roots of the predominantly Mexican community where it is located and resembles the traditional hacienda. The gated community is equipped with security cameras and controlled access gates. All sixty-five apartments are one-(1) bedroom units containing 499 square feet of living space. Laundry rooms are located in each building and the spacious community center provides for tenant gatherings and parties.


-Must be legal resident or citizen of the United States
-Must be 62 years of age or older
-Must be able to live independently
-Income for 1 person cannot exceed $34,150 per year
-Income for 2 persons cannot exceed $39,050 per year
-Must pass criminal background check
-Must have acceptable rental history

For information:
Phone: (713) 921-2383

Rent is based on 30% of the person`s income.

Speech from Secretary Hilda Solis to the Latino Learning Center
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Message from the CEO:

This year promises new opportunities for the Latino Learning Center to serve our community. Optimism is the New Year’s norm and everything is now possible. Our Senior Activities and Health Center is now open and serving low-income seniors and disabled adults. New partnerships have resulted in additional classes in residential electricity for unemployed low-income persons qualifying for training through the Texas Workforce Commission.

Now that the financial mortgage markets are opening up, we are seeing an uptick in the number of students enrolling in our home buyer education program which most lenders are requiring before making a loan. This is also a positive sign that things are getting better as more Houstonians are looking to invest in our communities.

This year the Latino Learning Center is planning a new and different approach to housing the elderly. We are in the process of planning and developing a multi-generation housing community where the elderly family will live on the bottom floor and the supporting family will live on the top floor. We believe this prototype housing model will add to the stability of our modern family unit where the elderly are living longer and require care and support from their children.

We are also excited about our annual gala which over the past three (3) years has resulted in great success. From early indications, this year promises to be the best gala we have staged to date and we are looking forward to participation from all segments of our community.

Rodolfo Gonzalez