Providing Services to Low-income.

Education Programs

All of our classes are Bilingual (English / Spanish) and are taught by experienced instructors. Students must be 18 years or older to register for a class…

Transportation from Residence.

LLC Adult Daycare Program

The goal of the program is to prevent the early disabled adults by maintaining their independent living in the community…

Video of our Center Mission

The mission of the LLC Inc.

Is to provide educational and human support services to Houston communities with emphasis on adult education and services to the elderly and disabled…
Speech from Secretary Hilda Solis to the Latino Learning Center
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About The LLC Mission

Latino Learning Center Mission is to inspire and empower at-risk Latinos to pursue their potential and achieve success. For more than four decades, LLC has been one of the most effective organizations in the country to help Latinos become productive contributors.

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A Dream Realized

It was thirty five years ago that the three founders of Latino Learning Center, Inc.

Opened the doors of a modest community center in the east end near downtown Houston. The three year dream of establishing a center to provide.

Service to the east end of Houston had been realized.

Now the challenges of a non-profit profit community center were just beginning.

We have survived many difficulties and learned many lessons with the knowledge that we were providing services to an area, with many needs to the under privildiged residents of the area and the Hispanic community.

Now we find that after thirty five years of service to the this community we still find ourselves with many of the same, and other challenges.

Surviving in a digital and cyber world has presented new challenges, but with the support and encouragement from our community we feel strongly encouraged to continue addressing the changing environment and needs of our community. The three founders, Frank Orozco, Judge Abraham Ramirez and John Aleman, three Veterans who wanted to give back to the Community to provide solutions to some of our community’s most pressing problems, have with your support, realized that dream. But the dream continues. As long as people strive and struggle for a better life for their family, the mission of the Latino Learning Center is not complete.

John Aleman
Latino Learning Center, Inc.


Message from the CEO:

This year promises new opportunities for the Latino Learning Center to serve our community. Optimism is the New Year’s norm and everything is now possible. Our Senior Activities and Health Center is now open and serving low-income seniors and disabled adults. New partnerships have resulted in additional classes in residential electricity for unemployed low-income persons qualifying for training through the Texas Workforce Commission.

Now that the financial mortgage markets are opening up, we are seeing an uptick in the number of students enrolling in our home buyer education program which most lenders are requiring before making a loan. This is also a positive sign that things are getting better as more Houstonians are looking to invest in our communities.

This year the Latino Learning Center is planning a new and different approach to housing the elderly. We are in the process of planning and developing a multi-generation housing community where the elderly family will live on the bottom floor and the supporting family will live on the top floor. We believe this prototype housing model will add to the stability of our modern family unit where the elderly are living longer and require care and support from their children.

We are also excited about our annual gala which over the past three (3) years has resulted in great success. From early indications, this year promises to be the best gala we have staged to date and we are looking forward to participation from all segments of our community.

Rodolfo Gonzalez